Tuesday, 29 April 2014


last month my oldest turned twelve.

she asked for a few friends over for the night, so we agreed on 4.

i spent most of the night making food, while watching them as they made up games and laughed like hyenas. i was struck by what a confident bunch of girls they were. it got me remembering myself at that age.

when i was twelve i was in form 2 at belmont intermediate. i was a small, skinny and awkward redhead with a terrible fringe and i remember feeling constantly completely out of my depth. i wasn't confident, i wasn't trendy. i was incredibly naive and insecure most of the time around people. i remember learning some very hard lessons in friendship. but when i was around people who knew me well i shined and performed. i was secure in my parents love and my large extended family and friends around me. twelve was definitely an age of discovering more about who i was...before the hormones had kicked in.

being awkward and badly fringed with Michael Jones. yeehar 90's fashion!
with my older brother alex. i probably grew a thick skin thanks to him. 
but then i look at my daughter and i'm amazed. she's nothing like i was. she's hilarious, sarcastic, she answers back to owen and i (i NEVER would have done that) and reasons pretty well. she's stubborn, smart, practical, logical and quite stunning. she probably feels from time to time like i felt above, lets face it who hasn't had their awkward years - it's good to remember that a safe place surrounded by love can make that girl blossom even more, especially in the coming turbulent teen years. this can be said for my other two as well.

so back to the party. it made me feel reeeeeeeeally old. especially when i did the dvd renting and got them the princess bride. none of the girls had even seen it. and then they spent half of the film on their ipods. until i sneakily disabled the internet. 

but i did get a few snaps in the meantime. anyone who has kids addicted to adventure time will recognise the cake (it was chocolate devil with chocolate swiss meringe buttercream if you're wondering).

and this was my beauty at her year 8 social last term...

no awkwardness here...

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